Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hurray 2017 is here and so is Love for the Mama. I really hope you like the site and what we have to offer. It has become my third baby so to speak. When I was thinking about what I wanted my first post to be, there were so many things I could have chosen but actually the only thing I really want to say right now is THANK YOU… 

Thank you to all the people who have helped me set this up. To my mama Mags who believes in me and helped me to buy my first ever order - i’ll pay her back in cups of tea (only joking mum), to my husband Sam who always deals the realist card, to the beautiful Gemma Johnstone @gemmajohnst in building the site and being patient with me, to Chris (StepDad) the man with the camera, to Gaz and Pete Adamson in helping me with my logo, to my gorgeous NCT Mamas who became my market research, to my friends and family who have wished me luck in this venture, or shared one of my posts on their page, to the instamamas (@thekids_shop @selfishmother  @littlesixtythree @mother_pukka @survivingmotherhood @emmaelobeid to name a few) who have played a part of genuinely inspiring me to go through with this because they believed in themselves to do something they were passionate about whilst keeping the family at the forefront rather than work. Finally the BIGGEST inspiration our my babies, Lily and Robin, who I am doing this all for. 

I’ve been wanting to do this since 2014, which some of my girlfriends can vouch for. I’m sure I bored them to death talking about it. I’ve only had the female balls to do it now, so here goes, I won’t know unless I try. Profits of some tees do go to certain charities because I couldn't do this without giving back. Thanks for stopping by gorgeous, may 2017 be a blessed year for you. 

Kayla x 

Gemma Johnstone