Love for the Mama chats to Bryony Dalton

Bryony Dalton is a professional makeup artist in the wedding industry and she has a growing following on Instagram @bryonydaltonmakeupartist. She is so good at what she does and the fact that she is a beautiful and warm individual, I'm not surprised brides are booking Bryony for their wedding day. 

I first met Bryony in SpaceNK about 5 years ago, she may not remember this but she sold me a lipstick. I thought then how gorgeous she was and what amazing eyes she had (but we probably wouldn't say that to a stranger? Would we? If we did though we might just make someone’s day). I then found out a few months later that Bryony was best friends with a family friend of mine. Small world. Bryony agreed to answer a few of my questions on skincare; the dos, the dont’s, the go to products and of course some budget products as well for those who need to watch their pennies. 

1.Hi Bryony, can you first tell us where your love of make up and skincare came from? 

I have always been a real girlie girl and in growing up a love for beautiful things naturally developed into a real interest and passion for cosmetics and skincare. 

2.I’ve had the pleasure of having my makeup done by you at my best friend’s wedding, what drew you to specialise in the wedding industry?

I have always loved a fresher, more natural make up finish and take real joy from making women look simply a better version of themselves. I guess that fresh skin look has become my signature over the last few years and naturally it is exactly how most brides hope to look on their big day. 

3.Your portfolio is extensive but where would you say you perfected your craft/talent? 

I studied various aspects of make up artistry at make up school when beginning my career as a make up artist but it was during my time working for Space NK as a beauty consultant that I was able to really practise all I had learnt, meeting women of all complexions with varying concerns and hang ups and gradually learning how through make up they could overcome them. 

4.Now girls if you know Bryony, you won’t have to check out her Instagram to see what I'm on about but she has the most beautiful silky skin (I haven't touched her face but it looks silky). What I want to know is, is this something she is blessed with or has she followed a certain behaviour or routine since she was a teen or has she got some golden elixir hidden in her makeup bag?

This did make me giggle, Thank you! I have always been very lucky with my skin, I meet clients everyday who care for their skin just as well as I do and still struggle with breakouts- we forget our skin is our largest living organ and unfortunately just like hearts and lungs some of us are lucky enough to have skin that is kinder to us than others. Having said that my passion for skincare of course means I enjoy taking care of it and follow my skincare routine religiously. One top tip if you don’t do anything else: cleansing is KEY! I have never slept in my make up and having ditched make up wipes 10 years ago I haven't ever looked back. 

5.When I first had Lily and for the next 20 months until she slept, I looked like Lurch from the Addams family. Bags that my plasterer couldn't even cover. So what is the best under eye products that you believe are good at taking away darkness and the look of tiredness under the eyes? 

Take the emphasis off the under eye concealer and instead invest in a Corrector, this bizarre looking product usually in a shade of pink or peach instead of masking will correct those nasty blue tones under your eyes meaning you apply less concealer over top, preventing any cakey/creasey under eyes. Plus you’ll find all those ‘rubbish’ concealers you banished to the bottom of your make up bag can be re-dug out and loved. Check out Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, £28.

6.I feel like since I have had children, wrinkles have made their way on to my face. I thought they came for a short visit and I would have my youthful look again once I got over this mothering malarky but it appears they wanted to stay! Is there a product out there that you feel reduces the appearance of wrinkles?

Our skin repairs while we sleep, sleep being something as you know as a Mum is a rarity meaning it is very common to notice some pesky wrinkles appear during motherhood. Hydration is key to keep your skin plump and to discourage any wrinkles sticking around. Using a mask such as the Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask, £34 twice a week to repair any lost moisture, reduce wrinkles and give your skin a youthful, radiant glow. This mask is perfect for Mum’s or anyone who is strapped for time as you can literally slather it on after cleansing before bed and let it do all the work while you sleep…or try to! 

7.I found in the last three years I have become more conscious of what ingredients go into my beauty products and try to go for 100% natural.  Is it worth buying organic products?

The debate of whether or not to commit to always buying 100% natural will always be a tricky one. I personally am too much of a beauty junkie to restrict myself to just buying natural products however the market for natural beauty is getting bigger each year and there is heaps more product choice in both skincare and make up should you opt to make the switch. I love natural skincare brands such as Dr. Hauschka and natural cosmetic companies like Bite Beauty. 

8.Some women have very different experiences of the behaviour of their skin whilst pregnant, however the common problem is how many breakout after giving birth due to hormones rebalancing. Should women stick to their current skincare or change it for the hope of clear skin? 

Your skin will go through changes constantly: daily, seasonally and especially while your body is experiencing such drastic hormonal changes throughout and after pregnancy. Because of this I would treat your skin prescriptively, keep to those trusty products you know and love to cleanse and hydrate but have a couple of ‘SOS’ products in the cupboard ready for periods in life when your skin simply isn’t playing ball. When I am having a breakout I reach for my Malin & Goetz Sulphur Paste, £18. This tiny bottle packs a lot of punch!- dipping a cotton bud into the white sediment and applying directly onto the problem area at night will banish the spot and encourage speedy healing. 

9.I have a lack of time when it comes to my makeup routine, which inspired my NO TIME TO CONTOUR TEE. If a mama wants to feel like she has a little bit of coverage or something on her face, what are the fundamentals? 

I love that tee, who does have time to contour everyday!? Whack on a lightweight base such as Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream to even out skin tone and add a pop of colour into the cheeks to instantly brighten. Cream blush is great as it can be applied in a flash with fingers and any excess can be patted onto lips. I love the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Las Salinas Beach Stick’- it’s blue tone is super brightening and flattering on all skin tones. 

10.During the end of my maternity with my first daughter, my money was non-existent. What are your top three budget products for those who wish to keep makeup/skincare costs down?

Mascara is a really easy product to save on when money is tight, I rarely splash out on one and tend to head to Boots when mine needs replacing and buy whatever is on offer. Likewise a setting powder for those who struggle to keep their make up on can easily be picked up even on the tightest of budgets, I often use ‘Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder’ which is under £4! One of my favourite cleansers is the ‘Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm’ which at under £10 is pretty impressive considering I reach for it at times over others that retail at more than 4x it’s price. 

11.I know some people apply their foundation on their skin with their hands, some would find this a cardinal sin. In your opinion what is the biggest faux pas when it comes to applying makeup?

For me I feel the most damaging faux pas when it comes to make up is a wrongly matched foundation. When choosing a new foundation swatch three shades on the jawline using your ring finger to sweep the swatch down the jaw and onto the neck. View in as much natural light as possible and opt for the shade that is most easily blended with your skin tone. If in doubt don’t be afraid to ask for a small sample to take away with you and try at home before purchasing. Avoid opting for darker foundation shades and instead use bronzing powder to add any warmth you feel you are lacking after foundation is applied. 

12.Feeling yourself again is important to new mamas and the ability to feel sexy or attractive can bring confidence back, is there anything you would suggest to try out when it comes to make up? (Like a different lip colour or a smokey eye? Or make me look like Jessica Alba?)  

Definitely!- avoid anything too out of your comfort zone as you’ll instantly lack confidence. Instead simply turn your usual look up a notch. I find a slightly smokier eye is an instant way to add a bit of glam and can be achieved by simply smudging out your eyeliner before set to create a diffused smokey lash line, apply lashings of mascara and voila one hot mama!

You can find the rest of Bryony's work and contact details on her website