Love for the Mama chats to Mum's the Word

When I started creating Love for the Mama, I would often think it would be great to be doing this little venture with someone else. I love the idea of sharing and bouncing ideas off with someone else that you are close to and get on really well with.

It wasn't meant to be and I can't force someone to be passionate about what I want to do with the business, so I approached the two lovely women behind Mum's the Word. 

Meet Laura and Natalie who are sisters and run the growing popular mum network which is based in Tunbridge Wells. With their combined host of skills within PR and Events, Laura and Natalie have proved a powerful duo and are making a huge success of their new mother community. They've had sold out events with the likes of Mother Pukka, Scummie Mummies and Supercharged. They chat to Love for the Mama about the blessings of working together, what can be tricky and advice to those thinking about starting their own business. 

1. Have you always been close as sisters?

Yes we have, even though there is four years between us we've always been there for one another, shared advice (and clothes) confided in one another and gone out together. Don't get us wrong when we were little we had our fair share of arguments and fights but that's natural - right!?

2. What made you come up with the idea Mum's the Word?

We wanted to work together on something. Laura has always worked in PR and Natalie has always worked in events - so we felt that together we could use both our skills to create something great. When Natalie moved back to Tunbridge Wells from London she felt that local Mum's could benefit from a ‘Mum’ community, similar to things she had experience when living in London;  an opportunity to be inspired, boost your confidence, connect with other Mums and most importantly HAVE FUN. So we decided to create MUM'S THE WORD.' 

3. What do you enjoy most about working together on this venture?

It's great to know that someone's got your back. I run my own PR company and have worked on my own for the last 6 years - which can be quite lonely. It's great to collaborate on Mum's the Word together, we both bring different skills and points of views, if one of us is having a wobble about something the other one is there to reassure and say it will be fine - we're in it together and that's great. Plus we think we've made our Mum quite proud doing this together :-)

4. What do you find challenging (if anything at all) working together on Mum's the word?

The most challenging thing is TIME, we just don't have enough of it... for the first 12 months everything we did on Mum's the Word was done in the evening, now we dedicate one day a week to MTW but with us both working other jobs and having four children between us - there is never enough time to do everything we would like to do for Mum's the Word.

5. If one of you hadn't been prepared to start this venture would the other have done it anyway?

No I don't think so, the whole point of Mum's the Word was to do something together as sisters and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

6. What advice would you give to mothers who are trying to start a business of their own?

    •    Seize the day - If you have the inkling of an idea don’t wait until you have enough time, money, or are less sleep deprived to do something about it. You’ll never have enough time, money or sleep to embark upon this life change and you’ll always find a reason not to do it. Just do it!

    •    Baby steps – Don’t try to do everything at once, break down your ideas and what you need to do into easy to achieve, bite sized chunks. That way it will seem less daunting and you’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of doing it. If you can start your business along side your current job (by working in the evenings/weekends) or whilst you are on maternity leave, this may make it less daunting than giving up your day job to pursue a new business.

    •    Find your tribe – Look for support from other mums. Maybe at your local NCT group, play/toddler groups, school/preschool but also on social media (Instagram’s Mama community is seriously strong, welcoming and supportive). Whether or not they also run their own businesses, rest assured they would be there for you with ideas, positivity and encouragement (and also maybe a G & T when you really need it). Plus social media is a great (not to mention free) way of promoting your business to your target audience – for all its faults, we could not have created Mum’s the Word without it.

7. What do you feel has been your greatest achievement so far with Mum's the Word?

The response that we have had from people coming to our events has really been quite overwhelming. Every time we put an event on sale we both feel sick thinking it might not sell, but the reality has been that we've sold out every event extremely quickly and we can't thank all the lovely mums, dads and families that have supported our events enough.

8. What do you love/respect most about each other as sisters? 

Laura - What I really love/respect most about Natalie is that she is such a kind person and cannot do enough for her friends/family - she is fiercely loyal and is always there for you. She's also an amazing Mama too!

Natalie - Laura is incredibly generous, seriously-smart and the life and soul of every party - which I love.  She will always will be my partner in crime & I couldn't ask for a more amazing sister.  

Kayla Echegaray