Swearing? Guilty? No!

There are days that motherhood and being a parent is so beautiful and I really do mean that. The time when your child first smiles at you, the time when they do their first giggle or you see the delight in your child’s face when they receive a new toy. I personally loved it when Lily could crawl and walk (I didn’t when it came to going out for a coffee or a bit of lunch, I wanted to sellotape her whole body to the floor). 

I know many of the blogs out there now happily moan how shit parenting can be but I actually thank God for that and the friends who will openly admit it too. Don't let it put you off though!

One of the things that get me through some tough days is swearing! I know, a very unlady like quality but one friend of mine who I won’t mention practices this style of parenting too and its so refreshing. Now guys when I say swearing, I DO NOT mean swearing AT my children. What I mean is I swear about them BEHIND their back out of ear shot! 

So its like this…I’m on the phone to my friend or when my husband comes home and they ask me questions like; How are you? How was your night? What’s today been like? I reply with something that goes like this; ‘This is utter bullshit, they’ve been utter arseholes today, she’s f*cking wrecked the bastard sofa.’ Then my soul sister of a friend tells me, yea I totally get you, ‘It’s bollocks, I wanted to get mine adopted today.’ Or my husband says, ‘It’s ok, i’m here now.’ No judgement because they totally get it! 

This is not my sofa but its getting there! 

This is not my sofa but its getting there! 

I sigh in relief when my ass hits the sofa when they have all gone to bed and I have 2/3 hours to myself. I use to feel so bad thinking like this, talking like this, swearing like this but then I found people who do think the same and act the same and then I didn't feel guilty anymore. I get into bed and every night I thank God for my beautiful children, my husband, the fact I can walk, the fact I have my 5 senses (maybe not all my senses in my head), the fact I have a bed and clothes on my back. I know my blessings so I'm not ungrateful but its ok to sometimes swear about it. 

Then you get moments when they wake you in the middle of the night (this time you can hack it which happens about once every 4 months) and you have to bring them into bed with you and you hold them and they’re lovely, quiet and vulnerable in your arms and you think ohhhh how could I ever be annoyed at you. Then they wake 2 hours later and you think...