Ring a ding ding!

So yesterday I posted on Instagram that it was five years to the day that my husband and I had our first date.  Now this post is not about how we fell in love, i'm not trying to make you gag! And I sort of dislike that term anyway.

Now five years down the line, we are married with two very strong willed beautiful girls. If he told me how our life was going to play out on our first date, I would have told him to get on his non-existent bike (I must add that I am very blessed because we have health, food and a home to live in, so I'm not complaining). 

No, this post is about the fact my husband does not wear his wedding ring and I ask you whether or not your husband wears his ring and if he doesn't, do you care??? Now I am half Peruvian but I should have lied to him and said I was half Argentinian like Michael Bublè's wife and made him wear an engagement ring when he popped the question. 

Kiss ass! 

Kiss ass! 

Now in my husband's defence he isn't and never has been a jewellery wearer type of guy and I know some of you will be saying, you silly cow, put your foot down and make him wear it. However I will be honest, MOST of the time I do not care! Seriously! And I will be honest again and say that I have had two very loud conversations with him about the fact I would like him to wear it. Those two times were when I was in my last week of pregnancy with my second daughter and the other time was when I had no sleep for 3 days. But does that mean it gets to me deep down? 

Now it could be my famous last words (if he went off with Jessica Alba - I would probably forgive him) but this man is ridiculously loyal and for me its not about him wearing it to show other women he is married but more for the symbol it represents and the vow we took before God. I know the generation before or the generation before that, most men didn't wear their wedding ring but did their wives want them to? Did my Grandmother want my Grandpa to wear his ring? And are we in a time that it is just expected? Do you wear yours all the time? If you don't, does your husband have a problem with that? 

Someone very close to me once told me that in her particular job, women told her that they're attracted to men with a wedding ring on their finger because they see it as a challenge! How horrendous is that? In some cases does it matter whether they wear it or not because they can always take it off? Whether or not Jay Z ever cheated on Beyoncé, just that song and the line, 'Becky with the good hair' is always going to make you doubt and think he is an ASS! 

Does it really matter? Or is it a true sign of love? If so - i'm going to kick my husband's ass!