Love for the Mama chats to Amy Ransom AKA Surviving Motherhood

I first came across Amy Ransom on Instagram, she is the creator of The New Mum's Notebook, which consists of 304 beautiful bright pages which includes articles, journal pages, affirmations, simple recipes and blank notes pages. 

I love a good notebook at the best of times but this one was pink and because of its purpose I wanted to buy one because I failed miserably at keeping a diary with Lily. I bought it when my second daughter Robin was about 2 months old and I started from the beginning. I love it because I know I will forget all the little things I am noting (the good and the not so good)and I want to look back and be able to show my daughter but also to give myself a pat on the back to remind myself I did a good job! 

So I was delighted when Amy agreed to be interviewed...

1. Why did you create The New Mum’s Notebook?

After I had my third baby I felt really lonely. The lack of support for new mums, especially when it's not your first baby, suddenly became really apparent. I discovered a few things that really helped me like the fourth trimester but I was sad it had taken three babies and a lot of personal research to find them. They felt like things ALL new mums deserved to know. So I set about writing a leaflet to share with new mums. The leaflet grew and grew and one day there it was. 304 pages of The New Mum's Notebook.

2. Did you keep a journal with each of your three children? If so, how did it help the process of becoming/being a mother?

If you'd asked me this a month ago I'd have said no. But the other day I found this awful diary to my firstborn (now 7) that I barely remember writing! It is full of cringing entries about how much I loved her and being a mum. I don't remember loving motherhood anywhere near that much! Clearly I was very sleep deprived. It couldn't be more different to how I write now. The second two kids? Have absolutely nothing written about them. Not a jot. Bad mum. Haha. 

3. You have a few pages of information and advice on PND in TNMN, why do you think its important to be open about PND?

I think it's important because lots of women don't realise it's not normal to feel *that* bad. Low. Anxious or whatever symptoms they're experiencing. PND can be dealt with so effectively that no mum needs to suffer like that. The more of us that say we have it or had it, the less of a big, scary deal it is and the more women will come forward for help and treatment. 

4. What do you enjoy the most about being a mother of three? What is the trickiest or hardest thing about being a mother of three?

I enjoy having a full on brood around me. They are so different, such good company and I have loved having a boy after two girls. The worst bit is being so thinly stretched a lot of the time and it can be very noisy! 

5. What has been your proudest moment with The New Mum’s Notebook?

My proudest moment was the day the advanced copies arrived. It was a hot summer evening and the box had been delivered to my neighbour. I collected it and sat on my bed staring at it for a good 10 minutes. I was so nervous about opening it I was actually shaking. Then I saw the pink cover, felt the weight of it and looked inside. I was blown away and shed a little tear. The production quality was far better than I could ever have hoped for. *That* was the moment. 

You can buy the The New Mum's Notebook for £25.00 which includes 1st Class Delivery 

You can buy the The New Mum's Notebook for £25.00 which includes 1st Class Delivery 

6.The New Mum’s Notebook has been such a success, where would you like the success of TNMN to go in the future?

I would like it to continue selling well, get it into more lovely independents around the UK and do more print runs. I also plan to expand the Notebook range to potentially include another four. I've just started work on one for 'all mums' - The Not So New Mum's Notebook (working title but it's actually growing on me!).

7. What or who do you get your strength from?

I get my strength from believing that everything will be ok, in the end. Also running. Getting out in the fresh air and releasing all those endorphins always keeps my mood up and helps me be productive. I also have lots of really lovely friends that I can turn to for support and inspiration.

       Amy and her beautiful 3 children!

       Amy and her beautiful 3 children!

8. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food and tv shows?

I have so many! I don't deny myself anything when it comes to food. I spent so many years doing that when I was younger and I just can't do it now I need the physical energy for three kids. But cake. I'm a big fan of cake. Also melting middle chocolate pudding. And chocolate fridge cake (there's a wicked recipe for that in the Notebook). As for TV - so many series. I'm drawn to programmes I definitely shouldn't be watching because I'm no longer the target demographic! Gossip Girl. Made in Chelsea. I recently binge watched Jane The Virgin. And I love Gilmore Girls. So much so that I designed and printed a 'Stars Hollow' tshirt range because I needed one so badly and couldn't find one I liked. I've also been known to enjoy a bit of Neighbours and Home and Away (ssshhhh!). 

She loved the Gilmore Girls so much she got this t-shirt made which you can buy from Amy's site.

She loved the Gilmore Girls so much she got this t-shirt made which you can buy from Amy's site.

You can find Amy's blog at and follow her on Instagram @survivingmotherhood_