Love For The Mama Chats to Mummas Health Hub

I first came across Jemma Thomas AKA Mummas Health Hub when Parent Apparel collaborated with her on their loose fit gym top that says GYM & ON IT, which I love, go and check it out. I noticed how gorgeous she was and I thought she didn't look old enough to be a mama to two boys. After closer inspection of her IG account, I realised she is a Personal Trainer. After having her second son, Jemma created her own motivation to get back into exercise which has now become her pack of hacks and is helping mums all around the country get back into their fitness. There are big things headed Jemma’s way and I am very excited for her. Read below to get some inspiration from this Motivational Mama. 

You can buy Gym & ON IT from Parent Apparel for £28.00 

You can buy Gym & ON IT from Parent Apparel for £28.00 

1. When and how did you find a love for exercise?

After I’d had my first son Jude I mainly worked out to help me feel a bit more lively and keep me sane, then I retrained as a PT because I grew to love it and wanted to explore a career in the fitness world.

2. What do you love most about being a personal trainer?

Finding out peoples barriers and helping to break them down, exercise is a mental shift first, then physical, we all have time to do at least some exercise, 15 mins isn’t long at all, it’s just sometimes we’re blocked by our brains telling us otherwise.

3. You posted last week that you threw in the towel and quit your job, why did you do this?

Because there was a feeling in my gut that I needed to try going it alone, and do something I believe in, and also to help other mums and women to think about working out differently. I’ve had messages from ladies that have my flash cards ‘pack of hacks’ saying I’ve motivated them just to start to move more each day and that feels so good.

4. Did you find it hard to exercise whilst pregnant and after having your babies?

I did, but I made myself do a little each day,  especially when I was pregnant, I prioritised stretching and Yoga if I had little time, opening up the hips and working on little stretches for your back each day during pregnancy is so brill to help with pregnancy niggles and aches. I did my first gym session at 6 weeks after having Buddy, not right for everyone, but it was right for me. I did gentle cardio, some light weights and stretching just to get back in the groove and see what I could and couldn’t cope with...oh and I started to work on my core too, very important.

5. What do you love most about your body now that you have had children? 

The fact that I know there are no limits to what it can do.

6. Do you think there is too much pressure from the media on mothers to lose weight and get back to their pre-pregnancy body? Did you feel pressure to do this? 

I feel there’s pressure if you look for it, no names (Daily Mail side-bar of shame!!) but I also think women who look amazing so fast after giving birth maybe predisposed to ‘bouncing back’ or have worked out lots in their life, everyone is so unique. I don’t think any woman should feel pressured, especially by seeing pictures of other mums. Everyone’s story, DNA and body shape is totally different. 

I didn’t feel pressure from anyone else, I wanted to lose a tiny bit of weight as it made me feel a bit uncomfortable and bloated, but I mainly wanted to work out as I think endorphins are the mother of all mood lifters

7. Why did you create the pack of hacks?

Initially to make myself move more at home after I’d had Buddy my second son, they were a bit of fun to do when I had a few mins and nice reminders for myself to get out of breath and move more.

You can buy Mummas Health Hub Pack of Hacks for £9.99

You can buy Mummas Health Hub Pack of Hacks for £9.99

8. For those who are not into exercise, if there is one thing you could say to them that might change their mind, what would it be? 

Give yourself a week doing small short burst of exercise, the feel good hormones will start to kick in and you’ll want to do longer

9. What’s one of your aspirations for 2017?

Build the Mummas Health Hub business into something recognisable, honest and motivational.

10. How do you kick back and relax?

I love frozen yoghurt, (recently I drove 20 mins at 10pm to get some .. ha ha…)

So I’d grab some fro-yo and watch some weird documentary on netfilx. 

You can follow Jemma on Instagram at @mummas_health_hub