There is a whole lot of Mum Boss out there!


When I started Love For The Mama, for me it was all about making mamas feel supported and loved. I wanted them to be carefree of others' opinions and to send a message that even though at times we look like we are just surviving, we know we are blessed, that we experience a love like no other and to not underestimate us! 

About 2 months before I had Robin I remember feeling happy that I was going to be able to connect with other mothers again. I had seen many of these Mama Meet Ups going on in London and those running their own little businesses seemed so supported by other women in the same situation. I must admit I was a little tired of seeing Instagram posts that all these events were happening in London. It was only when I dug deeper into Instagram that I found Mama Meet Ups were popping up in different locations around the country, however nothing much between Birmingham and Warwickshire. 

The Panel 

The Panel 

I decided to take it upon myself to arrange a Mama Meet Up and asked the amazing women behind The Kids to join me in this task. So without rattling on, I bagged myself a pregnant Mother Pukka AKA Anna Whitehouse, some other amazing guest panelists and found myself a lovely venue (a post on that to come) and women came together and started building relationships and I felt so humbled and happy that I was part of it. 

So without further ado, I thought I would do a piece about all the Mama Bosses who attended the day and what their business entails. READ WITH CARE…YOU WILL FEEL INSPIRED!  

1. Avie and Oak  

Avie & Oak a bespoke homeware and gift company run by husband and wife Natalie and Joe, along with a little help from their 2 year old daughter, 5 month old son, and their mischievous border terrier Pippin, based in their little workshop and home in the West Midlands.

In 2014 Natalie and Joe decided they wanted to start up a business together selling beautifully handcrafted gifts and furniture that would be unique to each customer and give that real personal touch to people’s homes. So after months of planning, hard work, and a lot of tea and coffee Avie & Oak was born in 2015. Here at Avie & Oak we pride ourselves on the highest quality of workmanship along with great functional and beautiful design. All of our products are made from the finest European oak, and each and every one of our products that leaves our workshop has the same care, time, and love put in to them, to make sure you get the perfect gift.

Natalie and Joe hope you love their handmade gifts as much as they loved making them!


Based in Birmingham, England, my partner Chris and I launched Disko Kids in 2016. Following the success of our menswear brand NoWayBack, and with our own 10- and 2- year old Disko Kids ambassadors Lottie and Anya in tow, it seemed the natural progression to dive into the world of kid’s clothing. I spent my 20s and 30s DJing up and down the country under the name ‘The Lovely Helen’, and Chris produces his own music so, as you can imagine, we LOVE music! So the Disko Kids designs are created with music in mind.

We began Disko Kids when I struggled to find anything on the high street that you hadn’t already seen a million times - it was all mass-produced and I wanted to create something original for the kid’s market. Each T-Shirt and Sweatshirt is hand screen-printed locally here in the UK.

Charity is also a huge part of the Disko Kids ethos - we donate profits from the sale of each ‘Missing Piece’ T-Shirt to Winston’s Wish, a charity which helped invaluably when my daughter Lottie sadly lost her father to cancer. With two daughters, women’s rights are also something I’m passionate about, so £5 from each sale of our women’s ‘Leopard Smiley’ Sweatshirt is donated to Womankind Worldwide, which fights for women’s and girl’s rights across the world. We will support a new charity every 3 months - we’re always on the look out for our next charity project, so any suggestions are always welcome! 

3. KOKOSO Baby

Kokoso Baby is the natural infant skincare brand started by a mum whose little girl was having a tough time with her dry skin. She spent a long time searching for the perfect lightweight coconut oil for baby skincare - and didn't stop until she'd found something really special to share with other mums and dads and their little ones.

Loaded with amazing natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing or added to dilute its purity, Kokoso Baby is the highest quality fresh-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil and nothing else. 

4. The Little Jones  

The Little Jones is the brainchild of Kate, a mum of one, who has a love of simple, modern design.

Kate established The Little Jones in 2016 after the birth of her son, Harry, and she personally designs, prints and packs all your orders. Heavily influenced by the minimalist Scandinavian style, The Little Jones' designs are modern and fun and make the perfect addition to nurseries, playrooms or indeed any room in the house! 

5. Little Beanies

Little Beanies is run by a mama called Lisa and this is what she says about her business: 

Hello! I’m Lisa. I’m originally a Yorkshire girl, with a passion for natural light photography now living in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. I’m married to my lovely husband Will, and we have a little boy who is my world. With this passion I wanted to showcase my work and Little Beanies Photography was born. Little Bean was a nickname of mine since I was a ‘little bean’ and I think it relates perfectly to my photography specialism. I hope you agree as I’m slightly obsessed with branding. When I get ‘the’ picture, which captures the pure innocence of little ones and their families, it makes my love for photography so worthwhile and families I know very happy too. I create pictures that can be treasured forever from a moment in time to look back on again and again. 

6. Mama Designs

Hi, I’m Keira and the mama behind Mama Designs. I launched the business over 7 years ago when my little boy was a baby. I was on maternity leave and was self conscious about breastfeeding in public. When I looked for and could not find a discreet breastfeeding cover I set about creating one using my redundancy money.

My next idea was for a multi tog baby sleeping bag after having to buy an extra one to take on holiday. Babasac has extra layers that zip out so it can be used all year round. Snoodie dribble bibs were designed to protect little necks as well as keeping clothes dribble free.

I now have a whole range of products all designed with love in the UK, and mostly as a direct response to problems I came across as a mum. Everything is safety tested to UK and European safety standards and road tested by mama’s and babies. We aim to treat our customers as we like to be treated ourselves. Come and say hi via Instagram or Facebook we love meeting our customers! 

7. Mama Tribe

Danni and Georgie really know their stuff! 

Danni and Georgie really know their stuff! 

We exist as a hub of information to support Women through Motherhood, in business and as a community.

Together we can empower and support one another. We are a generation of Women that want to have the family, the job and the social life. It’s NOT about making sacrifices, it’s about making the life we want, work.

Motherhood today is about lifestyle choices. It’s about choosing and doing the things that make us happy.

By connecting Mothers across the UK, Mama Tribe will grow in to a community that supports one another and works together attracting amazing, strong women, hustling away, crafting a life they desire with passion and determination, whilst raising their own little tribe. 

8. the_norm

the__norm is a small lettering design company run by me, Natalie Ford. I also run Avie & Oak with my husband Joe, which we set up together three years ago.

I have taken the lettering design element from Avie & Oak to create the__norm, which offers a range of hand lettered prints, greeting cards and mugs. My aim is to create products that make you smile, a gift to brighten up someone’s day, motivational, inspirational words, lyrics and quotes that so many of us can relate to as parents or just as fabulous humans.

 My designs all start off by hand. Sketching, doodling drafting and experimenting with different styles and mediums. Some remain the original design, but some are edited and enhanced on the computer to create a final design. Each product is lovingly hand packed to ensure our customers receive their own unique and personal touch and experience with the__norm. 

9. The Kids

The Kids shop stock amazing brands! So take a look! 

The Kids shop stock amazing brands! So take a look! 

The Kids is founded by two mums from Brum. 

Aneesha and Devika are deeply inspired(Some would say Obsessed!) by their children and the world of children's products! They are infatuated with books and toys and everything in between. It was this joint obsession that led them on the journey to setting up their own business. 

10. Teddy-Cation

Teddy-cation is a unique pre-school group in Warwickshire that provides Budding Brains (Buddies) with an opportunity to take part in a range of practical and rewarding activities based on: Communication, Language & Literacy, Physical Development, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Expressive Arts & Design, Personal Social & Emotional Development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Using physical brain warm up technique principles helps to fire up neurons in the brain.

Becky is so lovely and is beyond qualified in this field. Read up on her background on Teddy-Cation website and her Facebook page. 

Becky is so lovely and is beyond qualified in this field. Read up on her background on Teddy-Cation website and her Facebook page. 

11. The Family Den

Jo has recently started blogging about her life, she felt inspired by Friday's Mama Meet Up, so watch this space. 

12. Tate and Fable

I love Lucy's IG page and though she doesn't a run a business, she has a fantastic eye for beautiful imagery and captures gorgeous photos of her family. Lucy is also fantastic at spotting a good brand as well. Her husband Lee also owns two very successful hair salons called Nashwhite and brews his own beer that you all should have got a taste for as they were in your goody bags. 


13. Take It From Mummy 

Nikki runs a blog but also a site that gives you information about whats going on parent related in Warwickshire. Nikki is also a big fundraiser for charities in the area. 

@takeitfrommummy and

All these women are amazing and unique. I am lucky to call some of them my friends. I have learnt things from them already and I felt even more inspired after the morning. Some powerful stuff happens when women come together. It's cheesy I know but why couldn't we have learnt that quicker when we were at high school? Anyway that doesn't matter now, the fact is, there is some good supportive talented shit going on and long may it continue!