The 5 stages of grief over my iPhone!

If a perfume bottle could speak, this one would be saying, 'I'm unbreakable bitch!'  

If a perfume bottle could speak, this one would be saying, 'I'm unbreakable bitch!'  

Who knew my Elle Saab perfume would cause this much havoc or could I blame this on Moana? If I am going to blame that amazing new addition to my daughter’s DVD collection, it is Maui’s catchy tune ‘You’re Welcome’ in particular which made me drop the glass bottle right onto my iPhone. I was dancing for my daughter because she demanded me too! As I smashed the screen of my phone and Maui sang ‘You’re Welcome,’ I didn't now what quite to say??? There is irony somewhere there I swear. 

Me after I found out it was gone forever! 

Me after I found out it was gone forever! 

My husband and I have joked about my phone these last four days and he said to me laughing, ‘I think you have gone through the 5 stages of grief!” I immediately laughed and on reflection I said, ‘I think I have.’ This is completely ridiculous I know - it is meant in jest but the last four days have been a little tough, not just for the phone but lets just focus on that for this blog post....


I looked at my phone and it didn't really register that it had happened. I looked at it and looked at it and thought any minute now, its going to heal itself. But as I scrolled and got pieces of screen stuck into my thumb and it started thinking I was Chinese, I thought, then again, maybe not! 


I started to try and force myself to believe that I didn't need my phone, I will get one of those old ones, it doesn't matter if its not the newest model but then using my husband’s phone which is an old iPhone 5 and it froze every 5 seconds whilst trying to surf the internet, I thought screw that!

Do we need to cut the chains from time to time?

Do we need to cut the chains from time to time?


Every time I looked at the phone after that stage, I got angrier because I couldn't blame anyone! I then spent most of Saturday morning on the phone, then in the EE store and then again ringing EE back up to be only hung up on twice and then the people in the store wasted my time, saying they couldn't offer me the same deal, I felt like I was fit to kill by 11am and I might have slammed a few kitchen cupboard doors when I got back home. I ended up looking for another deal and telling EE I was leaving them, they then decided to match it. 


When the anger subsided by Saturday night, I went to bed hoping to get a good night sleep! Guess what? Robin and Lily didn't sleep, so Easter Sunday rolled around, I was surviving on 3-4 hours and I felt exhausted…Sam called me a Ray of Sunshine…oh the sarcasm!


Some of you may know I am reading Happy by Fearne Cotton and there is section in the book about being attached to your phone,Fearne explains how her phone got stolen whilst on holiday and at first it was quite difficult to be without it and it took a few days to adjust but by the third or fourth day, she explains how it didn't seem to matter anymore and it was quite liberating. 

So its now Bank Holiday Monday and i’m in that place now. But I write this because it goes to show how much these little rectangular devices control our lives to some extent or I shall speak for myself and say MY LIFE. How I look down too much instead of around me, comparing my own abilities to someone else’s, checking it every 5 f**king minutes!! 

I’m not saying I don't want my phone, thank sweet baby Jesus I am getting it tomorrow but it was a little reminder that a healthy relationship is what is needed and so with the help of Elle and Maui, thank you for teaching me a lesson! 





Kayla Echegaray