Love For The Mama chats to Anchormum


I came across Tamsin aka @anchormum via another lovely mama on Instagram and I'm so glad I did. The first picture I saw of this woman was her standing in her kitchen with her Marigolds on???? On closer inspection I learnt that Tamsin is unique in what she offers her followers and how she portrays her motherhood journey. This intelligent beauty has taken her skills as a presenter and journalist and started to vlogg her life with her children in the style of an anchor covering important news. I probably don't do her justice so giving her a follow and letting her talk below to find out a little bit more about this mama is a must. There is a lot of the same stuff out there with some IG pages, some might think that about my page but with Tamsin not only are her youtube videos hilarious but they offer something refreshing! I give you ANCHORMUM...

1. What is your working background? How did you get into T.V presenting?

I did a French degree and then a Post Graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism (back then you couldn't do a degree in journalism - showing my age !!) My first job was with the radio station 96.4 the eagle. I love radio but I always wanted to be a TV journalist so from here I moved to ITV Meridian. Then I went freelance and worked mainly at Sky News and ITV london Tonight as presenter and reporter. It's quite high pressure but a great job as no day is ever the same and the story could be anything from major international breaking news to the latest baby panda!! 

2. Did anything change in relation to your career when you had children? 

Everything changed in my career when I had children. This is mainly because I was freelance so I never knew when I would be working. I would work shifts and early mornings (up at 3 am, night shifts / or dayshifts which were typically from 7 am til 8.30 pm ish ). This made it really difficult to get childcare as it was all ad hoc and not regular work or regular days. I kept my hand in but when baby no 3 came along it was virtually impossible to go back to work as I knew it! 

3. How did you come up with the idea of Anchormum? Why did you set it up and choose comedy to be your outlet/theme for your Vlog?

Actually the idea behind Anchormum was born a long time ago - it's just taken me a year to get it going (that's 3 kids for you again). Ultimately the reality of going back to work and finding childcare for 3 kids led to Anchormum, if I couldn't get back to work then I would bring work to the home!  It was after a ridiculous tea time scenario - we've all had them right? I thought aboutdocumenting all those cliched kiddie scenarios but in my own unique style, in my best newsreader voice and favoruite outfits!  (The outfits are important to me as I love fashion and hope to share a few outfit ideas along the way too!) With my background in presenting, vlogging seemed the perfect route. For me I had to take a light-hearted and slightly tongue in cheek look at motherhood, for my own sanity and also because I hoped other parents would also see the humour and be able to relate.

4. What are your hopes for Anchormum?

I hope Anchormum continues to entertain all my lovely followers and attract lovely new ones too!  It's early days and I have lots of ideas which I hope to expand over time as the journey unfolds. 

5. You have three children, what is your survival secret?

Get help! Although I've never been very good at organising this! Sometimes just a coffee on my own in a cafe with a good magazine (and my phone, eek) is just the ticket for me. 

6. What are your guilty pleasures? And how do you kick back and relax?

Guilty pleasures are handbags (I have an embarrassing amount), also wine and chocolate. The way I love to relax most is going out with my husband for dinner and socialising with friends.  I've always started to organise my weekend on a Monday!

My favourite video!