Love For The Mama Chats to Johanna Rossi aka Raising Women

I came across Johanna Rossi just over a month ago and at first I was captured by her beauty but this beauty is very talented. I realised very quickly that she has built a community called @raising_women. Johanna is not just any coach. Along with her Instagram Page and her expertise that you can access, women can find strength, support, a love for themselves again and realise their full potential. You can also buy one of her Raising Women empowering T-shirts that Johanna designs herself and because of her message, women can feel strong whilst wearing them.

Something tells me this woman could probably write a book about her life and I found her answers so interesting to read, so I will let Johanna do the talking. 

1. What is your working background? Has it always been in coaching?

I have a highly creative background. I did a degree in Interior Architecture, however I didn't enjoy a lot aspects of architecture and so went on to work for the Walt Disney company in Hammersmith learning how to design children's clothing. When I moved to Monaco I freelanced and then went on to work for a photographer and that job involved a lot of editing and publishing. I left that job when my husband decided to open a restaurant. We opened the restaurant in November 2007 and I fell pregnant in February 2008. Leandro was born in November 2008 and that is when this journey truly began.

2. Why did you decide to start the Raising Women community?

I opened a Monaco based holistic company in April 2015. I coached, ran workshops, taught people how to cook healthier and had an organic vegetable delivery service. However it was during one of my workshops that it came to me that I wanted to just concentrate on my coaching and specifically coach mums who felt disconnected after childbirth. I spent a few months rebranding and creating Raising Women and officially launched in September 2016.

3. When it comes to your clients, what is the most common theme they approach you with? Is it self confidence? Business advice? 

I work with every client as an individual, however they all come to me with very similar barriers and they also want the same things from life. The most common barriers are lack of confidence/self belief, not knowing what they want to do with their life, time and money. I take time to get to know each of my clients and then work to get to the root of where all these barriers are coming from and we then work together to overcome them and set solid intentions/goals and action steps to create a life in which they feel fulfilled and purposeful.

4. What is the most enjoyable part of your coaching?

When my clients clear their 'fog' and start to see how their barriers are there to teach them not to get in the way.

5. What has been your proudest moment so far in Raising Women?

Oh that's difficult. I'm not someone who is often proud of myself. I think probably that I've seen it through. I officially started the business 2 years ago and as I've evolved through my journey I've had to learn to let go of lot of things and be quite ruthless about deciding where my energy is going to go. I've put many hours and headspace into certain projects and you have to learn to know when things are not working. Let go and move on, otherwise you cannot grow.

6. I think you live in Monaco, do you ever feel a little bit detached from the mama community/buzz that is happening in the U.K? 

Raising Women is a global community, I've connected with women from Australia, Canada, New York, Sweden, UK... I've lived in Monaco for over 16 years now, I've had my family here and I don't often go home so I don't feel very British anymore. When I started Raising Women, I actually had no idea that the mama community was going on in the UK, if you have read some of my interviews you will know living here I felt very disconnected from the world and that's one of the reasons I wanted to create the community, the first people I spoke to for the podcast were in Canada and Australia. I think I then came across Anna Whitehouse on Instagram and that is when I started to come across other mums in the UK. 

7. What do you love most about motherhood?

I love seeing my children being there most natural selves. When you can watch them and know that it is 'them'. Them being there wonderful selves.

8. How do you kick back and relax when you are not working? 

I don't kick back much, (it's something I'm working on) building a brand takes up a lot of time and moreover headspace and living away from family I don't have much support with the children so the weeks are full and at the weekends we try and head out of time. I love going to Italy for the day with the bikes, riding passed the Ligurian villages and stopping at one of the beaches for lunch. 

Johanna runs a podcast which is available on her site. There are some fantastic interviews to listen to! 

Johanna runs a podcast which is available on her site. There are some fantastic interviews to listen to! 

If you want to look into what Johanna can offer you or buy one of her t-shirts click on the button below.