My Reflexology Experience

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I was asked to take part in a free trial session of reflexology a few months ago and I kindly accepted because I had heard very little about it and was intrigued to know what it was like. 

In a nutshell different areas on your feet and hands correspond to other parts of your body, and massaging them stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself. Your right foot corresponds with the right part of your body and so on with the left. 

My therapist (Elaine) focused on pressure points around my toes and found that there were certain pressure points that indicated that I had tension in my shoulders and problems in my lower back, something that I have struggled with since I was 15. At times it was slightly painful but the pain subsided. After Elaine had finished treating my feet she gave me a massage which was very relaxing. 

I have heard and read that reflexology can aid stress, anxiety, back pain, migraines, poor digestion, IBS, asthma, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms and period pain. I would definitely go back again and its something for you to consider if you are looking for an alternative therapy or one to go along side other forms of treatment. 

If you are in the Birmingham area and interested in having a reflexology treatment, Elaine runs in Kings Norton Birmingham. 


Kayla Echegaray