What do I buy to prepare for my baby?

Hey guys!

So 9 months of being pregnant for the last time meant that I didn’t want to waste money again on things I didn’t need but also buy the products I wish I had when Lily was born.


Three kids in has meant I have wasted a lot of money on things I didn’t need and actually the baby never used. I won’t go through every little thing like nappies and baby grows, you’re not stupid!

Below are the things I wish I had when I first became a mother, I will link everything so you can go straight to the sites and I will also be honest when I think you should possibly not buy brand new and maybe get second hand or search the realms of Ebay or Gum Tree.

  1. First up is the bbhugme Pillow

Its £138.50 but you will not regret it!!

Its £138.50 but you will not regret it!!

I was sent this by the wonderful Grace who runs Scandiborn with her husband but if I knew how amazing it was and the fact it bypasses every other pregnancy pillow I’ve ever had (one from Aldi and one from Mamas and Papas - both were shit) I would have spent the money on it. I type that with a hand on my heart but I understand that you may look at the price and think thats crazy for a pillow. However I have used it throughout my whole pregnancy and still use it as a barrier from my husband (jokes…but am I though?) and co sleeping with Raf (Don’t judge me), plus I use it for support for when I feed him in bed and giving him the dream feed. It easy to clean and it comes in a bag thats half the size making it perfect to take away on a little break.

2. The SnuzPod Bedside Crib


Okay i’m going to be brutally honest, when Sam walked in on me in the middle of the night to only find that half my body was in the SnuzPod and Raf was in our bed, I knew we weren’t using it right. I thought it was going to be a waste of money because Raf quite clearly had different ideas and spent 14 weeks in my arms and would not allow me to put him down.

My friends who had one of these bad boys had the pleasure of enjoying the job it was suppose to do and that was to house their sleeping baby. Anywhoooooo I did a little cry it out with him and hey presto, Rafael now sleeps in there for his day time naps and bed time. I love that he is next to me and we have got to benefit from our bedside crib. I know friends pass these around, so if you have a mate who has one, then borrow it or buy it off them. The good thing about these cribs, they sell really well on eBay and Gum Tree, so you won’t lose out.

3. Mama Designs Babasac Multi-tog Sleeping Bag


I use to get my sleeping bags from TK Maxx between £10-£20 but had to buy a few of them to take into account washing days and I had to buy different togs for the seasons. However the Babasacs have inner layers you can zip out depending on weather, which means you don’t have to have 500 sleeping bags clogging up your baby’s wardrobe. They are a must.

4. Etta Loves Sensory Muslin Squares

The best muslins around!

The best muslins around!

Rafael’s face lights up when I play peekaboo with him using these muslin squares. The first 8 weeks after he was born, he was mesmerised by them. When they have fulfilled their purpose, they are great to have to mop up dribble, snot or tears with being stylish at the same time. Is it weird I want to make these into hair band ties when Raf is finished with them? They also make a great gift for a friend who has just had a baby. Etta Loves has also just launched a sensory play mat, they are beautiful!!! If I hadn’t already had a play mat, I would have bought that in an instant.

5. Ergo Baby Carrier

I have a baby bjorn carrier and even though its dead easy to put on, it kills my back because it doesn’t have the lower back strap supporting you, so the weight of your baby pulls you forward putting pressure on your back. Now I would also scour eBay or ask around if a mate is willing to sell theirs because they are a pound shy of £100 but if I had my time again, I would invest in one of those feckers!!

6. John Lewis Baby NightDress

This is a must! It will save you fighting in the middle of the night with poppers or buttons!

This is a must! It will save you fighting in the middle of the night with poppers or buttons!

I can’t believe I didn’t know about these with Lily! In the first month you have to change nappies in the middle of the night maybe up to 3 times, with Rafael I still do and he is 4 months old (only once though). Anyway these nighties stop all the faff with poppers and buttons and doesn’t disturb them when they are half asleep. I bought 4 from John Lewis who also sells them in packs of 2. Even though they say 0-3 months, Raf still fits into them and he is one chunky kid!!!

7. Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads


If you choose to breast feed, let me tell you when it comes to disposable breast pads don’t bother getting any other because they are all a crock of shit except these ones! A few pence more expensive but they don’t shift in your bra, they absorb really well and they don’t shrivel up in your bra either. If you are an eco warrior and don’t tend to leak that much then Mama Designs do a Bamboo pack of washable breast pads.

Anyway folks thats all I have time for tonight, hope this was helpful. I will do a post about great gifts for mamas and their babies if you are looking to buy something for a mate who has just entered the craziness of motherhood.

K x