Is social media hindering my creativity?


I recently shared on stories my weekly breakdown of screen time. It did not reflect a typical week as I had relatives over from New York and so my screen time was down. However in total including instagram, my hours amounted to 21 hours! That was nearly one whole day out of 7 days in the week that I spent staring at my phone.

First of all I love social media and I have a lot to thank for it. in 2006 Facebook allowed me to keep in daily contact with my sisters in New York and watch them living their life and it also allowed me to see my nieces grow up. I remember having to get a calling card from the shop to use on my house phone so I wouldn’t create a massive bill. Facebook made me feel that much closer to them. Instagram allowed me to create a community within my area but it also created real life friendships that I know I will have for a long time.

The ugly side of it for me was that it lead me to doubt myself in a big way, made me feel insecure about how people see me and if they like me or not and made me feel like I was a failure because my little business at home was not succeeding to the degree of others. Every time I dropped followers I would feel something negative inside thinking I clearly wasn’t interesting enough.

But the biggest thing was that I feel like my creativity has massively been affected. You watch others do amazing things, create amazing products and being talented at their craft. Its lovely to watch and it can inspire you to create your own dream or practice the things you love. But you can also get sucked in to watching other people’s talents and hinder you using yours.

I love championing people on my insta, if you have followed me for long, you will know I shout people out and big people up, whether they are friends, new start ups, big companies or whether they have kindly gifted me something. I do this because I know how it feels to have that encouragement because it meant so much to me when I was running the t-shirts.

But I have forgotten to shout out and champion myself. I do not mean this in an arrogant way and in the way of stories, I mean when I use to sit there at the sewing machine and be secretly proud of what I made. Or enjoy cooking a new dish and it tasting amazing or realising what I am good at and saying it out loud to myself instead of doubting what I can do. Or even acknowledging the work I have done with the events in the past two years.

I am looking at insta when I am breast feeding, catching a quick 5 mins here and 5 mins there but I find the days I am busy and I haven’t had time to look at my phone, I have achieved so much in that day. I started something two weeks ago and I found that something shifted within me, I couldn’t tell you exactly but I know I felt lighter and less irritable. I did not look at social media for the first 45 mins after I woke up in the morning.

I now would like to do that before I go to bed because there have been times when I have had such a bad night sleep or dreamt of someone on insta that I don’t know in real life (WTAF) because i’m filling my head with other peoples’ lives. As if I don’t have enough to be dreaming about with these three little ball busters next door to me.

Anyway this is not a blog post about ditching social media ( I couldn’t even do that shit). I think what I am trying to say is that if you feel that you are getting sucked in watching other people creating their own happiness all the time and not creating the time for YOU to do what YOU want to do, then start off with small increments by changing your relationship with your phone. So that you can simply flourish. Things I have done in the last few weeks that has helped me:

  1. No soclal media for the first 45 mins of the day after I wake up.

  2. Try to get out in the fresh air daily.

  3. I am going to try to not look at insta for 30 mins before I go to sleep.

  4. Pick days in the week where I allow myself to be on it however much I want and days where I want to pull back.

  5. I have been practicing gratitude by having a journal and writing down 3 things (or badly sketching) that I have been grateful for that day. I tend to do it 3 times a week. It helps with the comparison bug and feeling crap about yourself.

Let me know if it changes anything!

Love K x

Being in nature helps so much with your creativity!

Being in nature helps so much with your creativity!