What is a good pregnancy or birth gift?

Hey guys,

So I thought I would put a collection of gift ideas for those who are trying to think of a perfect gift for their loved ones who are expecting or just had a baby.

After three kids, I have been given beautiful things by friends and family but also i’ve received gifts that maybe wasn’t appropriate or it was repeated gift or didn’t get used. Also after my first baby, I realised that even though you have done all the work by either pushing a head out of your vagina or you’ve had your poor belly opened up, the BABY GETS ALL THE GIFTS?! It only dawned on me that maybe the mother deserves a bit of TLC or a little gift to pick rather than the oblivious baby. So I will give a mixture of baby and mother gifts.

  1. A Magazine Subscription

    When I had Lily my mum got me the Mother and Baby mag subscription for a year and it was such a little treat to have come through my door each month and it works out roughly around £25 for the year. At the moment there is a sale on different magazines so if you click the link you can get 6 issues for £6.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 20.38.46.png

2. Mothers Love Cookies

Whether a mother is breastfeeding or not, they are going to need energy boosters because they will be knackered from feeding their baby all hours of the day. Meg who owns Mothers Love Cookies, makes these delicious cookies and brownies that help with milk production, even if your friend is bottle feeding they will love these treats with a cup of tea. Another box treat is Bad Brownie which has no links to motherhood, they are just amazing brownies.

3. A Care Package.

Now businesses like Don’t Buy Her Flowers do great care packages but if you know your friend well, you can create your own care box with things like, face masks, epson salts for baths, energy snacks like flapjacks, premium cordial, a magazine, Lip-balm, A water bottle etc you can tailor it to your loved one and what she likes.

4. An Audible Subscription

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Women who like to read books will find it hard to keep up with this when they become a mother and often will just pass out at the first page they read, however a mother whilst preparing bottles, or driving in their car, or feeding in the middle of the night can listen to a story or book whilst doing these things.

5. Pregnancy Massage, Facial or Pedicure.

Your friend might be busting at the seams, won’t be able to reach her feet or might look half dead after 4 weeks in of baby haze and a treatment might just make her feel human.

When I had a pregnancy massage, it just made all those late aches and pains in late pregnancy go away for a day and it was lovely. I treated myself to a pedicure days before I had Rafael and I loved it because when I did look like a zombie a few days in, I would look at my feet and think, at least they look nice. A facial is always nice whether you are partying it up at 20 or whether you are a granny with a stick, so facial is always a good one to go for. John Lewis and Clarins have treatment rooms but always look out for your independent places as well and support small businesses in your area.

6. The Dotty Design House


My friend had this made for Rafael and its gorgeous. There are so many different options and colours you can choose from and its a personal touch. You are also supporting small. I don’t think there is an official website but the link should take you to the Facebook page.

7. Scandiborn

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 19.16.59.png

You’ve heard me bang on about Scandiborn before. It speaks for itself, so go take a look…

8. Frames That Sparkle

This is a small business run by a woman and mother called Caroline, who basically creates frames/boxes that light up with some form of print or photograph within the frame. The way she makes them is fab and the light gives such a warm glow in the nursery making it lovely and cosy! I don’t think the pictures online give them enough justice but Rafael’s one is so cute and goes perfectly in his room.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 19.22.05.png

9. Artisan Epicurean - Private Chef Experience.

Suzanne Russell has 25 years of professional kitchens and 20 of them being a head chef, after having a baby, she wanted to change the way she worked and set up her own business being a private chef. One of the services Suzanne provides is cooking for couples in their home who find it hard to get out to a restaurant, especially after having children.


Suzanne brings the luxury dining to you and provides a personal evening where she has tailored the menu to your tastes. This is a local business, so one for people who are Birmingham based. However if you are wanting to gift a family member, close friend or your partner who needs a lovely evening, this is one the most lovely gift you could get. The best bit, is that the table is decorated, flowers are brought and the washing up is done!!!!


10. Personalised Book

Papier have created a beautiful personalised book called ‘All the things I wish for you…’

I received this for Rafael’s baptism and its so sweet, a real keepsake. This would also make a great birth present and I absolutely love the illustrations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 19.55.51.png

So these are just a few ideas, hope you liked them and let me know if it was useful!

Love K xx

Kayla Echegaray